A Definitive Guide to Curtain Bangs for All Face Shapes and Hair Textures

According to Xavier Velasquez, a celebrity hairstylist at Jenna Perry Hair studio, curtain bangs are desirable as the season kicks off because they give off a vibe of summer simplicity while elevating your entire look. For Velasquez, shaggy fringe reminds him of groovy Paul Thomas Anderson films and Jane Birkin in the French Riviera during summer 1973. Although curtain bangs have distinct ties to the "Me Decade," the style is right at home in 2022 as they hinge on individuality.

Mark Townsend, the pro behind Dakota Johnson's ever-coveted fringe, insists that curtain bangs are flattering on everyone when done right. They're a style that every face shape and hair texture can have. Curtain bangs are versatile and impactful. Vernon François explains that they are a simple way to elegantly frame your face when the rest of the hair is pulled up and elevate loose hairstyles with a cool shape built-in.
Curtain bangs are a softer and more bespoke interpretation of straight-across bangs that flatter one's bone structure and highlight certain facial features, such as the eyes or cheekbones. Xavier Velasquez explains that the perfect curtain bangs create softness and balance around the face, bringing out all of your positive features, whether you're going with a longer version with a center part or more forward and framing the brow line.

Before getting curtain bangs, consider if they'll be right for you across the board. Vernon François advises weighing if bangs will suit your lifestyle, as some people find hair on the face uncomfortable or it might be more practical to have hair fully swept back day-to-day. Curtain bangs require additional maintenance like more cleansing and daily finessing, but many consider it worth it.

Always have your bangs cut by a professional hairstylist who will give you a consultation first, taking into account your face shape, features, and lifestyle. Mark Townsend recommends doing your own research to understand what will work best for you before meeting with a pro. Draw a rough sketch of your face on a piece of paper and shade the corners and/or the top of the head to see what helps give the illusion of an oval shape, which generally tends to be the desired goal for the most flattering results.

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