Man Nabbed for ‘Insulting’ Putin’s Top Ally Predicted His Own Death

The Viasna Human Rights Center said Monday that the 61-year-old political prisoner had just served more than two months in prison. In February, he was sentenced to one year in prison for insulting the Belarusian president. Wisner was informed of his death Sunday. Mikalay Klimovich, a Belarusian man jailed for sharing cartoons of Belarusian leader Alexander Lukashenko on social media, has died in prison, according to human rights groups.
It is not yet clear what the cause of death was.

Klimovich has previously said he fears he will die in prison because of his medical condition.

"For me, any incarceration is a death sentence because I need to be under constant medical supervision and take many powerful drugs. I may not survive a month," he said in March.
His friends and family had previously raised concerns about his treatment and medical care in detention, according to the Belarusian Journalists Association.
Frank Viacorka, the chief political adviser to Belarusian opposition leader Tikhanuskaya, told The Daily Beast on Monday that the opposition blamed him for Lukasin's death. branch government.

"We think he was a victim of the regime, the regime knew about his condition. He didn't get medical attention. He didn't get medication, he didn't go to the doctor," Via Korka told The Daily Beast. "He was a victim, the regime guilty. Prosecutors and judges, they must all be held accountable for this crime."

As of Monday, 1,493 people in Belarus were considered political prisoners, according to Viasna. Vyakorka said that Lukashenko and the Belarusian authorities abused political prisoners in order to deprive them of their physical and mental rights. The opposition says the practice must be corrected.

“We see that the situation of political prisoners is deteriorating. Now they are marked with a special yellow sign, they cannot speak and they are kept in the worst cells,” Viacorka said. "Many are held in solitary cells or punishment cells and are often beaten. They may wake you up from your cell in the morning, lock you in a hallway, and beat you bloody."

"The first is deteriorating health. The purpose of this kind of imprisonment is always to destroy the activist morally and physically," Viacorka added.

European Commission Secretary-General Marija Pejčinović Burić condemned his death on Monday.

"I regret the death of Belarusian blogger Mikalay Klimovich in prison and my thoughts are with his family and friends," she said on social media.

On Monday, Andrej Stryzha, head of the Belarusian rights group BYPOL, shared a photo of Klimovic on social media, calling for donations to help pay for his funeral.
Belarusian opposition leader Svyatlana Tsikhanuskaya said his death was a reminder of the need for medical care for political prisoners in Belarus.

"It breaks my heart to hear that political prisoner Mikalay Klimovich died in exile. The 61-year-old's heart, though heavy, would be even more if we didn't provide emergency medical assistance to political prisoners." People Dead," Tsikhanouskaya said on Twitter.

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